Allen Company are one of several brands that produce high quality safety glasses for shooting at super low prices, especially if you buy from Amazon where the prices seem to be extremely competitive , if not the lowest online! Cheap doesn’t have to mean boring of course, their glasses are super stylish too and Allen Company glasses feature in our selection of the best cheap shooting glasses on the market, on this page we take a look at a few of their best designs.


Allen Company Fit Over Shooting Glasses

These Allen Company Fit Over shooting glasses are perfect for those who already wear prescription glasses, a pair of prescription shooting glasses can cost a fortune, whilst these cost around $11 with free shipping! Many shooters find that yellow lenses improve the clarity of targets, which is why you see so many shooting glasses with yellow lenses on the market.

These glasses will fit over most prescription glasses thanks to over sized temples, the yellow lenses meet all safety requirements and are 1.0mm thick, offering perfectly adequate protection against accidents such as ricochets. Customer reviews on Amazon have been fantastic, with an average customer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5!


Allen Company Adult Blade 4 Lens Style Combo

Another hugely popular and highly rated Allen Company range is the ‘blade’ design, available with four interchangeable lenses (red, clear, yellow, and blue), enabling you to change your lenses in accordance with light and weather conditions! Different people respond differently to the various different lens colors, but usually a shooter will find that colored lenses can improve the clarity or perception of their target!

These super-comfortable shooting glasses have soft padded temples and a soft nose piece, reviews have been excellent and praised both the comfort and the quality of the Polycarbonate lenses. Each set comes with a free zippered neoprene case to help protect against scratches and make transportation easy.

An unbelievable set for the price, this combo will set you back around $15 with free shipping on Amazon, the best price that we found online at time of writing!


Allen Company Adult Rangemaster Shooting Glasses

These super stylish Rangemaster shooting glasses, featuring a thin frame profile, are another highly popular Allen Company range. These lightweight glasses have an adjustable temple to enable you to adjust to your desired comfort level, as well as a soft rubber nose piece.

The impact resistant polycarbonate lenses meet all required safety standards and will protect against accidents such as ricochets as well as against dust in windy conditions!

Allen Company Rangemaster shooting glasses are available with two different lens colors, white and yellow, and can cost less than $7 with free shipping on Amazon (subject to fluctuation). Another good low budget option!


Allen Company Ruger Shooting Glasses

We finish off with our personal favorite, Allen Company Ruger shooting glasses, yours for around $1o with free shipping. Also sold only with yellow lenses when purchased individually, designed for dull or overcast conditions or light fog (perfect for those in areas which have seasons), these glasses look fantastic, meet all necessary safety requirements, and thanks to paddle temples and nose pads are comfortable too!

Allen Company Ruger shooting glasses are also available as an interchangeable lens kit, comprising one frame but four sets of lenses in yellow, black, red, and clear, enabling you to switch your lenses to suit specific light conditions. The awesome four lens set is yours for just $24.99 with free shipping from when purchased from Amazon!